Audio demo content:
Examples of the 8 Ableton Drum racks included in this Live Pack. Each track starts of as one of the base kits, then evolves to show how the texture blend feature can subtly or drastically transform the sound. Each pattern was created using the included Clips, where the Clip Automation directly controls our macro assignments.
Texture Beats Live Pack
Produced exclusively for Flatpack by leading sound designer and engineer, Alexander [Sasha] Lewis. The Texture Beats Live Pack contains 64 kits of contemporary electronic drum sounds and analogue textures. Each kit features a unique "Texture Blend" control, making it effortless to blend FX-style textures to manipulate and customise individual drum sounds. Texture Beats is split into 2 groups; "Elektric" and "Simplex". Both categories have been carefully matched and grouped to provide drum kits with similar characteristics.
Round Robin Hats
In order to make hi-hat programming easier, a 'round robin' sample management system per kit is included to help humanise the groove. The hi-hats in all the kits rotate between 10 slightly different samples, adding to the analogue feel of Texture Beats.
Elektric & Simplex
All sounds have been created using modern and vintage analogue equipment. In total there are 32 "Elektric" Kits (16 mono / 16 stereo) and 32 "Simplex" Kits (16 mono / 16 stereo). There are 8 original drum kits within this total. These 8 kits have 4 alternatives with a unique texture ready to be mixed into the original sounds.
Creative Design
Every kit has been designed to maximise the creativity of the Drum Rack format within Ableton. The trademark of each kit is the ability to mix and blend analogue textures using the available Macros.All drum sounds within Texture Beats creatively respond to velocity. The sounds can dramatically change between a low velocity setting and the maximum velocity value (127). The drum sounds also vary according to the sustain length. In practice, this means the longer a note is held down (a key on a keyboard or a pad on an MPC controller), the further a sound develops. By varying the MIDI note lengths in a clip the drum sounds will evolve and change accordingly.
Live Pack content:
  • Over 2400 - 24Bit 96kHz drum samples, generated entirely from analogue modular synthesizers and outboard equipment.
  • 64 preset drum rack kits
  • Over 1300 Simpler/Sampler patches [for individual texture layer access].
  • 13 advance reverb settings
  • Requirements: Live v8.2.2 or Higher

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